Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants

by Embryectomy

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Evan DeRouen
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Evan DeRouen Icons of slamming bd. Sick gutturals and slow riffs. Brutal pit shit..Buy it, its good shit. The production is also great so jam it loud. My favorite album as of now. Cheers Favorite track: Mandatory Meatgrinder Phallic Insertion.
Jacob Nelson
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Jacob Nelson This album fucking slams. It's simplicity births some of the heaviest slams ever. It's an amazing album Start to finish. Don't be a pussy. Buy this album Favorite track: Prostitute Skullcap Pulverizer.
Gavin Walter
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Gavin Walter BRUTAL SLAMMING SICKNESS! In my opinion this is my favorite and most anticipated album of 2016 and Embryectomy delivered. Skull pounding slams and bass drops, slam perfection.
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released November 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Embryectomy Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Fixation Through Infant Sodomy
Now that my shift is over
A journey begins to the moral that bends
filthy thoughts surround my head
a sodomized infant in pain covered in slime

I seek a surburban household
to intrude in the night
kill the parents at glance
and search for their offspring

I see the creation inside its crib
i imagine conjoining my phallus within its entrails
sadistical attack with lack of all guilt
as i follow my sick and twisted habit

Raping the life as soon as its born
As a soldier commited to its virtue
Boy or a girl it doesnt matter to me
I penetrate its colon with lust

A pleasure to hear the torturing cries
A pleasure to watch the swollen red eyes
This living abortion, human garbage to me
Ravishly I grin with blood and mucic tissue on my cock

Another sodomized infant my life now I resume
Awaiting the next victim my mind is consumed
The ultimate dream I crave
Pregnant in vivo vaginal to infant anally rape
Track Name: Prostitute Skullcap Pulverizer
The urges are more influential than ever
Uncontrollable need to ravish females
Brain matter and bone structure
must be deformed in the most horrific way

Restless in my dormitory I commence the design
to uglify the physique of an easy prey
(Prostitute bound and gagged)

Lying on the floor in a puddle of blood
Dissarayed figure of a human organism
Assortement of torture instruments
will be sampled on her corpus

Testing the limits of soma durability
I pound her with a sledgehammer
Till every bone is decimated
The final stage of my assessment, the skull

Attentive abstraction of the optic system
To preserve the last glance of fearfulness
I begin the extraction of the frontal lobe
To savor the dopamine congested brain part

As the cranium gets smothered
With blood and cerebral mucilage
My brutish foot stomp detiriorates the skull
And turns the scenery into bloodshed

Rampant bashing continues with a meat mallet
My schizophrenic mind enlives my senses
The skullcap is comminuted in fragments
I feel exhilerated
Track Name: Mandatory Meatgrinder Phallic Insertion
Escalation of feminine thoughts
Phallocracy hate has arise
She is disgusted by the acts of man
Must exterminate the male gender

Unaware victims she stalks
No age discrimination
The only way to recognize her prey
The male gender

In her dim basement
Countless mutilations occur
Targeting the male reproduction organ
Victims bleed out from the pelvis

Forcing them to execute her commands
She rapes them with broken bottles
And finalizes her torture
By dissection of their phallus

Mandatory insertion of the male organ
In the rust filled meatgrinder
Victims crying in excruciating pain
Relentless she proceeds

Phallic remnants fall
In a dish forming a pile
Their male pride gets roasted
In front of their desperate eyes

As the soul leaves their human formation
A gastronomic feast takes place
Engorgement of the phallic residue
Divine sensation through repetitive castration
Track Name: Foot Stomp Aborticide
Room filled with enraptured women
Slavery the only thing they recognise
Decades of torment and ravishment
Reproduction and abortion the only cause

Vicious experiments
On their helpless bodies
Carcasses decorate and synthesize
The blood-filled wall upholstery

Specialised personnel to execute commands
The current research topic
The elasticity and hardness
Of embryo and amniotic sack

System of power delivery the male human foot
The trials begin with high expectations
Impreganted women in the final trimester
Screaming and begging for mercy

The male foot stomp targets the abdomen
Where the embryo resides
Amniotic fluid and crushed vertebrae
The first output of the vagina

Foot bashing is persistent
In the lower region of the abdomen
The human speciment engulfes its own blood
As the amniotic cavity is turned inside out

More test subjects participate
Soon the experimentation facility
Will be covered with a tapestry
Of crushed fetal bones and vaginal fluids
Track Name: Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants
Dripping with adrenaline
My thoughts became more obssessive
I must complete my goal
To masticate the skin of newborns

My only weapons for my quest
A double barrel shotgun and an axe
Entering the hospital and searching
For the newborn unit

Decimating whoever stands in my way
Firing at will
And chopping their heads off
No life shall be spared

I enter the desired unit
The cries echoe in my acoustic nerve
Like a happy melody
I smash the incubators one by one

Guts and blood sip out
As i torment the sinless infants
Depraved lust to listen their screams
Helpless they gasp for their last breath

Arranging the embryonic parts
On a pile of innards and torsos
Masticating with gluttony
The soulless skin

Gastrointestinal bile
Slipping through my fingers
As i gobble their tender genitals
My craving is fullfilled
Track Name: Postpartum Psychosis Cannibalism
Irritable puerperal psychosis
Extreme mood swings and hallucinations
Denial of psychiatric hospitalization
Severe bipolar disorder

Lechonia's brain suddenly diverges
Senseless subordinative acts
She shows extreme hatred
Against any child lifeform

No distinction between her offspring
Or another child and infant
Her persistent nerve system
Triggers ungodly acts of butchery

First victim her only child
She strangulates it with pleasure
And tosses it on the wall
Leaving blood stains and sludge

Dissecting and burying it
Shoveling with precipitation
Climaxing estrus drives her
Wandering in the neighborhood

As she enters the adjacent household
Bludgeoning parents with her shovel
Continuous rage for the children
Everlasting quest for child flesh

Her soul overflows with joy
As she finds a kids party in the backyard
Ravish chase and clobbering
Children cries echo through eternity

Arranging the attacked
In a landslide of mangled corpses
Barbequeing the tender parts
She gradually recovers her senses..
Track Name: Machete Codpiece Menstruation
Family of three
Happily they wander
In the local playground
Mother girl and father

The prowler stalks near
No idea what they are up to
Target is acquired
Twisted deeds will be implemented

In the sight of gun
Father is forced to deflower
His one and only daughter
With a machete codpiece

Crying at the sight of the weapon
He performs unspeakable acts
Sibling braying in agony
As he rips her in half

Entrails and ventricular matter
Sip out from her sinless womb
As he enthrives inside of her
Her virginity is crushed

Mother gets forced
To play with herself
No sense of repentance
She rubs herself frantically

Prowler executes the father
In front of the playground
As he rapes the horny wife
Sobing as she pleas for forgiveness

No shame or regretion
Mother still in ecstasy
Ejaculating with perpetual manner
She gobbles the guts of her own daughter

Massacre is now complete
Nobody escapes
He snaps her neck with robustness
And stabs himself in the genitals
Track Name: Ingurgitating the Afterbirth
Restaurant of sophisticated gastronomy
Frequenters of the upper class
A fortune to spend
On their ill-oriented appetite

Employees are chosen
In a very strict manner
To serve delicates of high taste
Disobedience is not tolerated

Specialty of the day
Roasted embryo baked in the oven
With potato skins, garlic
And afterbirth sauce

The luxurious meal is served
With a dom perignon of the finest vintage
Opulent customers will never reveal
The secret gustative ingredients

Their craving for infant meat
And female vaginal tissue
Conducts their thoughts
As they retch in amniotic fluids

Last but not least
The tasteful dessert is served
Molecular gastronomy chocolate filled
Spherical undescented testicles

After the digestive process
Customers are favored to visit the cuisine
They applaud the head chef as the standing ovation
Occurs in front of stillborns
Track Name: Clitoral Bulldozer
Vicious carnival of madmen
Psychotic violence they crave
Towards unsuspecting females
Rejecting their precious domain

Another victim is caught
They haul her through rotten females
Towards the machine of their doom
Dragged upon ripped entrails

Spot welder experiments failed
It melted the skin far too quickly
They want the torture to endure
To produce long lasting pain

Small scale hydraulic press
This is the solution they seek
The victim is tied and bound
The press is centered on their feminine meat

The press is turned on
The first contact makes her scream
Stress continues
As the clitoris gets compressed

A pulp of feminine tissue is left
Clitoris is fully compactified
The experiment ends with success
Full scale model will be tested in the world